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  • Gon von Zola Launch Party | Patsy Clone | Jackie Boom-Boom

    Tue 24 Apr

    7:45 pm



    £5 advance ticket / £6 on the door
    Ticket link: //www.seetickets.com/event/gon-von-zola-single-launch/paper-dress-vintage/1211676


    Out of the box, right in your face!
    New band, new single, new video!

    Recorded at Gon von Zola’s home studio in Highgate North London, co-written with his friend Sue Denim in North Wales, ‘Blue Is..’ is an upbeat, happy, danceable song with an unexpected dark undertone. Strongly influenced by the surrounding Welsh waters, the lyrics, in homage to Virginia Woolf, describe a woman who puts stones in her shoes and drowns herself to escape reality. While this might mean death for any normal person, this character is clearly enjoying herself at the bottom of sea. With its mentions of flooded caves, invisible friends and treasure chests, Gon von Zola evokes images of adventure, paying tribute to 80s classic ‘The Goonies’, as well as Guillermo del Torro’s horror drama ‘The Orphanage’, two of his favourite movies.


    Plus special guests…


    Two down on their luck retail heels with a taste for the good life and a nostalgie de la boue. One deals out tales of depravity and duplicity all wrapped up with a neat bow of delinquency accompanied by his partner on the tin cans and wordsmithery.
    When the moment hits, the zest from the west on the sideways electro-cello abounds, and when present all the way from Germany we’ve got Mighty Joe Young, the sexiest German ever to wield a synth (sorry Kraftwerk)
    These may or may not come.

    Here them rumble, hear them roar…. The mighty Patsy Clone!


    Youtube: //bit.ly/2qa4M1U
    Insta: //www.instagram.com/jacquelineboomboom/
    Bandcamp: //jacquelineboom-boom.bandcamp.com/

    Jacqueline Boom-Boom is A Creature of Love, Light & Music. As such, Jackie is fueled by the Love within; lit up with its magic Light; and guided by a Soul burning with infinite fire to write, sing & perform joyous/otherworldly/formula-breaking electronic dance Music! Rising like the phoenix (fresh and colorfully happy as a rainbow of glitter), The Creature comes from an already recognizable tradition of delivering unpredictable performances in small underground clubs and dives bars in ‘its’ beloved home, Leipzig!

    Flying crazily all around 2018 on a singing-performance journey, Boom-Boom will dazzle us with homemade stage sets and costumes, powerful vocals that defy definition, and crazy little surprises at each show. ‘The Jacqueline Boom-Boom Show’ is a place and space where we feel, sing, hear, and share infinite Love for one another, for all of nature and for the whole Universe!
    Look out for the fresh new album “Take Me Jackie, Take Me To Planet Love…” to be released in mid-April 2018 on bandcamp.

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