Sat 4 Jun 19:30pm

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Black Helium, Desert Ships

Limited tickets available HERE

A night of hard rocking, headbanging, boot stomping, flare flapping action brought to you by Charlie Salvidge. Followed by Cherry B 70s club night till 3am.

Imagine, you’ve set out on an outing to get reacquainted with your cerebral cortex in the wilderness. As you slip slowly into a higher state of consciousness, you allow the brooding hypnotic airs of Desert Ships to be your celestial guides on the lunar path to self enlightenment.

Suddenly the chemicals swimming around your brain have turned nasty and you’re lost in a hellish hallucination… it’s Black Helium and their brand of mind meltingly mesmeric and irresistibly iridescent doom rock.But now you’re really switched on and grooving as your mind manifests all the elements of the metal pioneers of yesteryear.

All your favourite 70s rockers are magically born again as a single entity, you enter the light and finally become one with the ultimate gods of rock, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell.

Limited tickets available HERE