Wed 28 Sep 19:30pm

Kilimanjaro presents: Seraphina Simone

Limited tickets available HERE

Kili Presents:
Seraphina Simone

Live at Paper Dress Vintage

Growing up between London and Los Angeles, Seraphina Simone’s songs draw on the syrupy seediness of California glamour and murky, neon-lit London grit.

Saturated synths, rolling bass and shimmering guitars form the pulsing backbone to tracks about sugar-coated obsessions with what we can’t have: the addictive highs and crashing lows of perfect smiles and new age malaise, shiny veneers and frantic city sleeplessness, the bubbling undercurrent of modern frustrations and desires.

Seraphina Simone’s debut EP will be released via YALA! Records in 2022

Limited tickets available HERE