Sat 14 Sep 19:45pm

An Orange Conspiracy, Sleaze, Sundaze, The Sunday Shift

An Orange Conspiracy Presents..

Limited advance tickets available here

SLEAZE (South London)

Pulsating, shape shifting rock and roll.

Dirty sexy hypnotic punk rifts set amidst a shadowy baritone reminiscent of some voodoo child of Iggy-pop and ian Dury, all the while being pierced by little darts of electronica and a throbbing rhythm section. Very smart – Pretty epic.

SUNDAZE (Nottingham)

A Psychedelic cocktail of all the sounds you love.

Blazing a trail for the freaks & frauds among us.
Who said music was dead?
Knock him on the head!

“Sundaze create the quirky, jangly kind of guitar-pop that’s destined to have your brain bopping good and proper” (Leftlion Magazine)


Sparkly post punk romanticism.

Like a page of Brendan Behan TSS draw you in to their personable reality in the first bar and paragraph, comparable to brit-pop faves Pulp and Rakes, they keep it honest, humble and simple but with no lack of punch, clever well crafted songs of austerity resistance.