Mon 29 Oct 19:00pm

Art Macabre Halloween Life Drawing Special!

ART MACABRE DEATH DRAWING present A SKETCHY SÉANCE : A Spirited Halloween AfterLife Drawing Special

Monday 29 October 2018, 7-9pm
@ Upstairs Drawing Room, Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney

Limited advance tickets available here

Ticket price includes a complimentary drink, paper and drawing materials.

Do you dare to ascend the stairs and enter our drawing room for a sketchy séance? You are invited to East London’s first ever Sketchy Séance. Take your seat around the table, clear your mind of expectations and cynicism. Suspend your disbelief in your own drawing skills. Get ready, pencil and paper poised, to commune with a surprise guest spirit. A life model who no longer lives in our realm.

We cannot fully anticipate what the evening might hold. It cannot be foretold. You attend at your own risk. Will you feel moved to partake in automatic drawing? What messages and images might you draw from beyond the great beyond? Who might grace our stage with their ghostly presence to be captured in your sketches? Spirit sighting are not uncommon in Hackney, from Tudor ghosts at Sutton House nearby to strange encounters reported at twilight in the neighbouring church graveyard.
Penetrate the veil between the living world and those passed, as Halloween/Samhain approaches fast. Led by the medium-sized host and fan of nineties trance music, Art Macabre’s Raven Rouge.

Taking inspiration from the showmanship, the power of suggestion and stage craft of Victorian and Edwardian seances, Art Macabre presents a uniquely creative way to mark the occasion of Halloween.

Not suitable for children. Strictly no phones or photography allowed during the event. Any visitations may be captured and recorded using drawing and writing only. Limited numbers of places around our table.

*Please be aware that no actual ghosts/spirits/dead shall be contacted/harmed or summoned during this event. Spirits shall be consumed but not summoned. Not suitable for those who are faint-hearted, lily-livered, literally-minded, mortally-gullible, or those who cannot stomach or digest camp Halloween humour. This is a theatrical life drawing event. It is not a genuine nor serious Spiritualist event or paranormal event in any way. *

£20 includes a drink from the bar (wine/beer/soft drink/cuppa) to calm your nerves and all complimentary drawing materials and paper, thanks to GreatArt.