Fri 14 Feb 19:30pm

Dingus Khan plus Simon Love + Superorganism DJs

Indie scene heroes DINGUS KHAN return to Paper Dress for their first London show of 2020 alongside Simon Love and the Old Romantics, locals Helfy Jakey and a special guest DJ set from Superorganism for a juicy Valentine’s Day special!

Advance tickets £6 / £7 OTD. Free after 11pm.


Sweaty stomping indie Rock n Roll!

Dingus Khan emerge lean and hungry from hibernation, ready to forage for fresh shoots, find a mate and reproduce. Expect to see them roaming the countryside, bellowing threats to their rivals and leaving trails of spoor everywhere. Keep your pets indoors.


“Unaffected horn-filled pop with witty lyrics that get straight to the point” (Uncut)

“Pop tunes that nuzzle up to Belle & Sebastien and the Velvet Underground” (Q Magazine)

“Swooning bubblegum pop” (Shindig)


Helfy Jakey are a London based band. They play fast toe tapping, head rocking tunes. They’re exciting music is a mixture of influences from blues, indie, rock and jazz.

And after the live music, Ruby, B and Soul of trippy electronic pop collective Superorganism are back at Paper Dress with their eclectic party tastes

Prepare yourself. Hear everything from ABBA to Todd Terje, Daft Punk, Earth, Wind and Fire, Peggy Gou, The Supremes, Gorillaz, Fleetwood Mac, The Cars, DJ Koze, and Hot Chip. Wait, what? All of that and more. Just get ready to dance.

Advance tickets £6, £7 OTD