Mon 25 Jan 11:08am

Independent Venue Week 2021!

We had to cancel our run of Independent Venue Week shows at Paper Dress due to Covid, but we were still keen to do something…and Wesley Gonzalez has popped up to save the day with a special Rebroadcast of his awesome July 2020 live stream album launch for ‘Appalling Human‘!

Donation tickets available here – all proceeds will be split with the band!

Here’s what Wesley has to say about the show:

“It was such a joy to be able to perform at Paper Dress vintage, to have a reason to rehearse songs and perform to an audience even if they weren’t there in front of us! We played an array of songs from my previous two albums ‘Excellent Musician’ and ‘Appalling Human’ and managed to debut an upcoming single and another track from an album that should be released later in the year, so there’s a couple of exclusives in there too. 

Can’t wait to be back playing in one of the many fantastic independently run venues this country has to offer and hopefully remind you the importance of these small venues.”