Thu 8 Aug 19:45pm

NOW! Episode III: Evelyn Drach, Merlin Nova, Roman & Sissyfuss

£7 early bird ticket (DICE) // £10 on the door

‘NOW!’ is a night of live music and performance art featuring the left-field, the most danceable, the most daring and exciting new and old music passing through London. From proto-punk pioneers, seminal performance artists, experimental new bands, comics to cosmic folk, ‘NOW!’ presents an eclectic mix of the here and now.



Storyteller unstuck from time, poet and musician Evelyn Drach opens the night with spoken word incantations & soundscapes with violinist Harriet Poznansky.


Merlin Nova is sound, song & movement. Ecstatic energy blast. Clear-cut. Quick fix. Immediate. Set scene sound. Landscape, temperature and feeling. Here with you, together.


Roman is a multidisciplinary polymathmatical concept in size 11 shoes. He make Roxy type music with Daft flourishes.


Sissyfuss just ate. They are ready for down now. Catch them before their post prandial nap. They perform songs and theatre about sailor boys, megafauna and thighs. Best observed tired.