Fri 23 Aug 19:45pm

Sex Swing / Grey Hairs / Agathe Max + Tome Records DJs

Psychedelic noise-rock supergroup Sex Swing combine traditional elements of noise with mutated organ and saxophone to produce something altogether unique. With support from Grey Hairs, Agathe Max and Tome Records spinning the tunes, it’s gonna be a big night.

Very limited advance tickets available here!

Sex Swing combine heinous volume, brute rhythmic throb and a devotion to twisted concave noise, which is crushingly physical, mentally disorientating and creates a deeply seedy music that speaks of narcotic London nights and drab suburban nightmares alike… while still being pretty good to dance to.


Nottingham rock music group Grey Hairs return with new album “Health & Social Care” scheduled for release on Gringo Records on 2nd August 2019.

10 songs ruminating on life/work balance, aesthetic punks, Dunning-Kruger syndrome in the Health service, extreme 360 degree cognitive dissonance and – most crucially – a confusion and inability to tackle these external problems because you’re so f*cked by your own personal ones.

The sound is leaner and more focused. The rhythm section has gone downright weird and the guitar bends and shudders around it with all 3 elements rarely pushing in exactly the same direction giving vocalist James the space to do more than just yell into the void (though this happens plenty). It’s an expansion of their sound that recalls the Birthday Party (but without the vampire schtick) or Laughing Hyenas, of a downer-fuelled B52s, or what surf music sounds like coming from the most land-locked part of the country.


Rêves Perdus is the first release from experimental violinist Agathe Max on Modern Aviation. The London and Lyon-based performer has released numerous previous albums
including This Silver String and Dangerous Days. She also is also a part of the duo KURO with Gareth Turner and Mésange with Luke Mawdsley.

Inspired by both the Werner Herzog documentary, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and her own time working near the Chauvet Cave in southern France, Rêves Perdus is a subterranean journey into deep history and the inner worlds of the mind.
“The finest moment comes in the shape of the sublime near-17-minute “Nebulous Cloud”, which sprawls out through treated violin lines, spectral ambient drones, doomy inscrutable reverberations and near-buried percussion undercurrents… A rare and remarkable find.” – Concrete Islands .The result is a dark, strange and evocative album that moves between moments of ambient beauty, hushed vocals and vivid drama conjured by her violin.


Excellent Hackney record shop with a great array of awesome records spanning many genres. The guys from the shop will be playing an eclectic mix of party tunes from whichever genre they like but are always fun.


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