Tue 22 Feb 19:30pm

Shattercones ft. Maggie the Cat & Naomi in Blue

Limited tickets available HERE

Joyzine & Sonic Tonic jointly present…
Shattercones plague delayed double EP launch with very special guests Maggie The Cat and Naomi In Blue.

Shattercones blend of filmic drone, spaghetti western gothic and nightmare slo-mo surf music has hints and influences from Tom Waits to Einstürzende Neubauten, via primal Nick Cave dramatics

Maggie the Cat is a songwriter and vocalist from South London, of the post punk ensemble Madonnatron. In keeping with her previous releases as Madonnatron, creation, destruction, addiction, sex, murder, and arcane mysticism are the visceral inspiration for this body of work which is simultaneously bewitching, erotic, menacing and occasionally chilling (although never without mischief).

Blending sharp storytelling with experimental soundscapes, Naomi in Blue questions the constraints of genre and takes us beyond Americana to a cinematic sound that’s post-country.

Limited tickets available HERE