Fri 13 Mar 14:00pm

Venue Statement 16 March 2020

Hello stylish people! We’ve been carefully following the current situation, digesting the advice from the government & music industry and can confirm that we will continue to operate our events as normal for this coming week, albeit with a few tweaks. As it stands, all events next week and onwards will proceed as normal but we are constantly monitoring the situation.

Most importantly: If you’re feeling unwell (persistent cough, fever), have recently visited one of the high risk areas, or need to come in close contact with vulnerable people in your daily life, then please do stay at home to mitigate risk to others.

For our events this week:
– We have equipped our door staff with hand sanitiser which will be available to everyone on arrival and we’ll be advising customers to regularly wash their hands. We will have plenty of soap in our small bathroom. Please be patient.
– Sure you’ve all got the message by now, but please do make sure you wash those hands properly, here’s that egg-sucking video for your grandma:
– We will be operating cashless bars (card payments only), however entrance fees will be cash-only as usual.
– Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
– If you can walk to the event or travel by bicycle please do so

It’s hard to say what will happen in the upcoming weeks, but it does seem likely that a lot of events will be cancelled and that periods of self-isolation & curfew are perhaps just around the corner, so let’s enjoy these parties as they could be our last for awhile.