Paper Dress Live Music Manifesto!

20 Jan at 5:49 pm

We’ve launched a new ‘Pay What You Want’ / Donations ticketing system for our shows at Paper Dress – we’re encouraging people to dig in their pockets to support live music in London..

What we want – and what the bands who play for us want – most of all is a busy venue full of people having fun and enjoying the sounds; everyone knows a gig is much more of an experience when the place is jumping!

We don’t want to turn people away who are just coming in for a quick drink or who might not be particularly flush that week. We’d prefer you to come in and experience the night we’re hosting than to go and sit in another bar.

Small venues like Paper Dress are often the place where new bands start out their live music careers – we’ve had Public Service Broadcasting, The Wytches, Fat White Family & many more play with us very early on. These bands now travel the world playing huge shows – proving venues like ours where emerging bands can start out are really important in developing the next wave of artists.

Increasingly in London, however, venues like ours are disappearing. Rather than complain about it, we’d encourage you to do something about it – which first and foremost is to go out to a gig…whether it be at Paper Dress, The Sebright Arms, Moth Club or wherever.

We had to leave our Shoreditch premises to make way for new offices – and we’re on a short lease here – so the likelihood is that we’ll be moving on again before you know it, and where we end up, and how big the joint will be, depends entirely on what happens here in the next couple of years.

By valuing the music, you’ll also help us support the musicians who perform at Paper Dress. On an average night we’ll have 10-15 musicians playing, with all their associated costs (travel, rehearsals, instruments etc), and by putting money in their pockets, we’re helping them to continue to create art and keep at it.

We could just charge £x amount on the door but we’d like to encourage people who are coming through our venue to think about how they value live music, creativity and independendent businesses like ours and decide what they would like to pay to come in to support those involved. We have a feeling that the people who come to Paper Dress are keen to support the bands we put on, and support us as a venue to continue.

Do come down and prove us right at one of our upcoming shows in the next few months >> //

x Paper Dress x

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